The role of the NAV

The NAV (Novartis Employees' Association) is an important social partner for the company.

Representing members' interests
The NAV represents the financial and employment interests of its members vis--vis senior management. The NAV takes action on matters affecting its members, and does so pragmatically and objectively, with no ideological prejudice, on all fronts and at all levels. Our aim is to find practical, realistic and successful solutions for the well-being of employees at all grades.

Right of involvement
The NAV has played an important role in establishing employees' rights of co-determination, input and involvement in company matters and is focused on extending these rights at a national level. The exact nature of the internal co-determination rights of the Employee Representative Council as described in individual employment contracts is negotiated with the NAV. The NAV is an important social partner and always takes a solution-oriented approach. It appoints competent candidates with an excellent proven track record to serve on the co-determination committees (Employee Representative Council and Pension Funds Board of Trustees). These tasks require individuals with a wealth of experience, people who are willing to commit their time and are open to new approaches and viable solutions. Over the years, NAV members have achieved concrete results on the Employee Representative Council and co-determination committees, such as improved compensation schemes including a hardship fund, an internal job center and higher pay.

Right to distribute information
The NAV keeps its members informed about operational and personnel-related events and developments at the company.

Our positioning

The NAV defines a clear position.

 Our Positioning: Download pdf, 88 kB


Thanks to membership of the two umbrella organizations Employees Switzerland and Employees' Association, Basel Region (ARB) the NAV offers a good national and regional network of member organizations in various industries. Employees Switzerland represents the interests of employees at a national level and the ARB does so at a regional level. Thanks to their solution-oriented and forward-looking approach to the issues, both umbrella organizations actively shape the working environment and implement lasting improvements without adhering to specific ideologies or political parties. Membership of these umbrella organizations allows us to provide NAV members with free advice and they can also benefit from other attractive offers.

 Employees Switzerland - a strong and modern association
 arb - Angestellenvereinigung Region Basel (German content only)

The NAV is an important social partner on committees
- Pension Funds Board of Trustees
- Employee representation in pay negotiations, compensation schemes, ...
- Representation of employment and financial interests vis--vis senior management